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About Us

At Manasota Vascular Center, You’re Family! As one of our patients, you will receive the same level of attention, care and treatment as any member of our own family. At Manasota Vascular, there are no lines between patients and family. Over the past decade, we’ve built a strong reputation for delivering the one-on-one attention patients deserve. Dr. Grubbs practices the same philosophy with every patient: Quality time, quality treatment, quality results. We believe every patient’s condition is unique, and so is their treatment.
From scheduling your first consult to recovering from surgery in our post-op room, Dr. Grubbs and our staff of referral coordinators, nurses, technologists, and Board Certified Anesthesiologists strive to make your experience at our facility most favorable.

State-Of-The-Art Outpatient Facility

All procedures are performed at Manasota Vascular Center’s state-of-the-art outpatient facility. Equipped like an operating room, we utilize advanced CT and Fluoroscopy imaging to accurately and safely guide every procedure.
In January 2014, we will be the first facility in the state of Florida to house the latest and most advanced CT — the Hitachi SCENARIA ultra low dose, 128-slice CT. This revolutionary CT scanner has been designed with integrated dose reduction technologies guaranteeing the lowest amount of radiation exposure possible. The SCENARIA provides a more comfortable experience for all patients — even our most radiation sensitive patients.